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मयि सर्वाणि कर्माणि संन्यास्याध्यात्मचेतसा |

निराशीर्निर्ममो भूत्वा युध्यस्व विगतज्वर: ||

mayi sarvaNi karmaNi sanyasyadhyathmachetasa |

niraashirnirmamo bhootva yudhyasva vigatajvarah ||

Whatever you do, all your actions, surrender it to the almighty. Yours actions must be selfless without any desire for gain, free from being claimed as “My work”, fight without attachment, Whatever you do, offer it to the lord.

Hope you had a great holiday!   As explained in Chapter 3 Verse 30 of Bhagavatha Geete, we have all expressed our interest to offer our duties without any expectations, to Lord Sri Rama on May 16th on occasion of Shri Rama Pattabhisheka.   Let us make best out of this opportunity to do Lord’s seva and success will come automatically with dedication, support and divine’s blessings.

To empower every volunteer with information on GB-SRSB, it’s objectives, Sri Rama Pattabhisheka event, updates on progress and more, GB-SRSB is delighted to organise a Volunteer’s meet on Sunday the 26th of April at Rivermead Leisure Complex, Richfield Avenue, Reading, Berkshire RG1 8EQ from 10:00 until 16:00.  We request you to be a part this meet.  Please RSVP using the link.

If further information is required, please do not hesitate to email to or call us on Badari – 07507438494 or Jay – 07701073143.

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