How to Look After Your Tulsi Plant

  • Always keep Tulsi plant indoors in a sunny spot i.e. window sill.
  • Don’t change the place of the Tulsi plant in search for sun it’s not needed!
  • During winter (November to February) water your Tulsi plant with 150ml of water every week or when the soil seems dry. ( Some of you might have very warm room temperature and that means you may see dry soil more frequent).
  • During summer (March to October) water your Tulsi plant with 250ml of water every week.
  • Feed BabyBio fertiliser during summer as per instructions on product, which can be found in Homebase and big supermarkets. No need to feed fertiliser in winter months.
  • NEVER change the pot the Tulsi is in during winter months.

Changing the pot of your Tulsi

If you want to Change Tulsi pot, do it during June – August

  • Buy Miracle Grow all-purpose compost.
  • Pour lots of water into the pot with the Tulsi plant in, until soil becomes runny.
  • Leave water logged pot  overnight so roots of Tulsi will become loose and will  be easy to remove.
  • Next day Gently pull the Tulsi plant from the pot.
  • The Tulsi plant should come out very easily, if not leave the Tulsi in the pot and pour more water till it is easy to pull out.
  • Then place the Tulsi plant in the new pot.
  • Put compost around the Tulsi plant in the pot.
  • DO NOT water your Tulsi for the next one week.

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